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7 Things You Should Know About the New Windows Update

1. A new Light theme: A nice contrast to 10’s dark theme, this brighter option lightens up the Start Menu and taskbar and offers new icon options that fit with the new scheme. You can also mix and match light and dark elements if you don’t want to make an all-or-nothing switch.

2. Windows Sandbox: This looks like the most significant update for Pro and Enterprise users. Sandbox lets you run .exe downloads and other programs that might not be safe in an isolated virtual environment; the entire sandbox gets deleted once you’re finished running the app. Sandbox is a power user feature that most people won’t need, so it’s turned off by default - you’ll need to go into a legacy control panel applet to enable it and add it to the Start menu.

3. Cortana and Search split up: Users didn’t like them together, and Microsoft took that feedback to heart. Now clicking on Search in the taskbar prompts a direct operating system search. If you’re looking for Cortana you can select its separate icon.

4. Updates can be paused: This feature was already available for enterprise and pro users; home users will finally get it too.

5. Reserved space for updates: The new Reserved Storage feature aims to address the problems users run into when they don’t have enough space to install updates. This update is a little controversial among some pro users, who don’t like that Microsoft is siphoning off 7GB of space automatically.

6. Windows Hello earns FID02 certification: The latest version of Hello has earned the industry’s top standard for secure authentication. Now users will be able to log in to devices, apps and online services using biometrics or PINs instead of passwords. This is a small step towards Microsoft’s master vision of a password free future.

7. Kaomojis are here (•‿•): Microsoft has added kaomoji face characters that you can access using the current emoji shortcut (win+period). Never heard of kaomojis? They’re Japanese emojis that form more elaborate patterns ranging from “angry glare” ಠ_ಠto “shrug” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ to the “outraged table flip” (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻. (Use that last one after a frustrating meeting.) This screen will also include quick access to other standard symbols such as currencies.

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