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5 Reasons to Buy a Mini Laptop

While bigger can be better, many people prefer to buy lighter, more powerful laptops for work or entertainment use. A mini laptop can easily provide the computing power you need without all the bulk. The reasons many professionals and students are switching to these smaller products include size, long battery life, innovative features, durability, and price.

What is a Mini Laptop?

While the word “mini” is rarely in the product description or name, you can recognize a mini laptop by these common features. Fully functioning processor, graphics card, memory, keyboard, usually full sized screen size of 11 to 13 inches, touch screen is optional, weight of no more than a few pounds, can be closed fully for protection, not an open tablet design by default, and has wireless internet connectivity. Most brands have their own version of a mini laptop. You may consider the smallest of their laptop line to be a mini laptop, even if it’s never marketed as one.

Perks of a Mini Laptop

This class of computers is gaining popularity for both leisure and professional purposes. Unlike other small electronics such as netbooks or tablets the mini laptop rarely sacrifices computing power in its attempt to be more portable. You can do some amazing things with these machines. Here are the five reasons they are becoming a highly sought after computing option.

1. Size

The size of these products is the most notable feature. They’re incredibly easy to take wherever you go. You can use them easily behind a reclined seat on an airplane and they tuck neatly into a standard sized backpack or purse. Most mini laptops won’t take up more room than a business folio or academic binder.

2. Long Battery Life

In addition to being small they’re incredibly efficient. A full battery charge ranges from 7 to 12 hours depending on how you use them. For example, video playback or streaming services will use more battery life than reading a text document. Many feature “fast-charge” cords so you can refill the battery in less than an hour.

3. Innovative Features

While mini laptops look like any typical notebook computer, some have impressive perks that large models don’t. Many act as a hybrid tablet and laptop offering smooth touch screen surfaces, writing pens, and accessories, various folding configurations, and removable keyboards. Don’t dismiss their size as a lack of functionality.

4. Durability

Remember, one of the trademarks of a mini laptop is that it can be fully closed to protect the screen and keyboard. Some of the entry level mini laptops are designed specifically for schools and offer spill protection and durable cases. The size and weight of the devices help to secure them when moving about.

5. Price

Smaller versions of popular tech often require a bigger budget, but that’s not the case with these devices. The models that students use for classroom work are among the most affordable mini laptops on the market. For just a couple hundred dollars streaming, writing, and web research can be at the fingertips of those without a lot to spend.

Uses for a Mini Laptop

While anyone who enjoys flexible and powerful computing options will love a mini laptop, some people gravitate toward them more than others. Here are some of the groups who use this class of computer as an essential tool for what they do every day. Professionals who want to take their work on the road without inconvenience, students using their laptop to learn in the classroom and at home, casual users who want to bring their movies, email, and social media with them in a purse or backpack, beginning computer users who want a no frills laptop they can use anywhere, older adults and seniors who may be new to computing, and apartment or condo dwellers who lack the space for a full sized desktop computer or larger laptop. Because of their compact size these mini laptops make incredible everyday machines for getting essential tasks done. Whether you’re studying at a library, working in a coffee shop, or watching movies on an airplane.

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