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3 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need a Data Recovery Plan

Working for a small business requires everyone to do their part and wear multiple hats which can be very stressful but at the same time extremely rewarding. You might be up to date on all internal IT policies and procedures and protected on the inside but are you protected on the outside? Below you will find 3 external threats and how DNS can help protect you from these threats and let you focus on what truly matters, your business.

1. Cybercrime- You might think cyber criminals would not waste their time on a small business and are more interested in attacking the Apple's and Microsoft's of the world. A study done last year shows that small businesses are attacked just as much as large businesses but only 28% of small businesses rate their ability to mitigate threats as "highly effective". Most people imagine cyber attacks coming from a lone attacker sitting behind his or her computer in a dark room but in all reality cybercrime has become more automated and efficient at taking private files ransom. Take your customer's credit card information for example. One phishing email, and your data is encrypted and someone is demanding a high ransom to decrypt your files.

2. Natural Disasters- When thinking about protecting your business most people overlook natural disasters. What natural disaster do you think threatens your business the most? Fire? Hurricane? Earthquake? These events are very damaging, not only to a persons life, but the infrastructure that pretty much controls modern life. Power lines and internet connections are easily affected by severe weather and you need to be able to access your data from anywhere in case your computer system goes offline.

3. Accidental Deletion- Have you ever forgotten where you saved that file? Finding deleted files you didn't know you deleted is crucial for your ever changing business. You might need a file today you thought you wouldn't need anymore yesterday. There is nothing worse than having to do something you already did.

Whether it's cybercrime, natural disasters, or accidental deletion DNS has your back. Let DNS make sure you are protected from both internal and external threats.

At Dallas Network Services, we work with a large variety of businesses based in Dallas and Fort Worth (DFW) and the surrounding area such as Addison, Plano, Carrollton, Denton, Richardson, Garland and beyond. We also extend our reach outside the area to include all Texas and other states. We provide on premise server support including Microsoft Exchange as well as Cloud computing services and hosted solutions. We specialize project services, network support, desktop support and voice over IP (VoIP) business phones. Our fully managed IT services will improve your business reliability as well as your bottom line. Contact us today at chat or call 214-696-6630.  #DNS #dallasnetworkservices #managedIT #ITmanagment #techsupport #hacker #cybersecurity #ITconsulting #MSP

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