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Network Management & Maintenance in Dallas, Texas

Protect your business and improve your bottom line with Dallas Network Services. We are your source for around the clock network management and maintenance services in Dallas, Texas.

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Whether you’re a new startup or an established business supporting an office network can be daunting.  When you want to implement, upgrade, or combine infrastructures, our network and server solutions deliver centralized control, efficiency, and reliability.  It can also be expensive if you have a full time IT consultant on staff.


Our network designers can evaluate your current and proposed environment, and design a strategy based on functionality, reliability, and scalability.  We then provide options for implementation. Once completed, we will employ our Managed IT Services to maintain it for you or transition the infrastructure to your team for maintenance.


Network Services Available:


  • Configuration of switches, wireless devices, servers, routers, modems and firewalls

  • Combing multiple domains

  • Datacenter or server room routing adjustments

  • Distributed File Services (DFS)

  • Data Protection Services (DPS)

  • Messaging and collaboration solutions

  • E-mail configuration and support

  • Exchange migration or upgrades

  • Secure tunnels (dynamic or static) and VPN solutions

  • Internet bandwidth management

  • Setup of load balancing or server clusters

  • Disaster recovery sites

  • Spam and web filtering solutions

  • Software and hardware planning and deployment


Desktop Support


We provide a suite of services in support of desktop and software.  Our goal is to keep your desktops’ security and performance up-to-date and running smoothly.  We provide operating system updates, software installation and updates, PC performance tuning, desktop security, and troubleshooting and repair.


  • Operating system updates – We take care of updating your desktops' operating systems by installing the latest updates and security patches as they become available


  • Software installation and updates – Whether your desktops run legacy applications or business productivity software such as Microsoft Office, software must be installed and configured as well as periodically updated


  • PC performance tuning – We optimize your desktops for improved performance – and improved employee productivity


  • Security – Security threats on the internet and coming in via email, desktops must be secured with antivirus and antispyware software. We install sophisticated security software that can block threats in real-time, block phishing attempts, and more. Because it's not practical to rely on individual users to update antivirus definitions, we make sure each desktop is updated as well as run regular scans to ensure that any malware that may have gotten past the initial defenses is found and removed


  • Troubleshooting and repair – Whether a desktop's hard drive has failed or software and components are conflicting with each other, computer problems are often difficult to diagnose. Our technicians are skilled at diagnosing and troubleshooting computer problems as well as making the appropriate repairs


Benefits of Desktop and Server Support Services


Whether you have an IT department or not, our desktop and server support services can help to reduce your overall IT costs. Rather than hiring a full-time systems administrator, you can let us take care of your desktop and server support for a fraction of the cost of salary and benefits. We are also able to improve your system’s reliability, making sure that it is consistently well maintained. The best benefit to choosing us to manage your desktop and server support is that you have peace of mind. You’ll know that your server is backed up regularly and that your entire system is well maintained.

Cloud & Hosted Services 

The cloud is the new standard for business.  We have a solution that meets your specifics organizational goals.  At DNS, we work behind the scenes to keep your site up and running.  Our tools monitor your site for vulnerabilities like viruses, hacking and ransomware.


Managed Cloud Solutions


More than simply renting space in a datacenter, our clients have access to our team of experts to help manage and maintain their environments.  We work with organizations to help them deploy, manage, and scale on the cloud. Enabling them to better innovate for their businesses and grow.


  • Best-of-breed technology equipment

  • Dedicated solutions experts

  • Easy flexibility and scalability




Is it best to cloud-based or cloud-hosting? Should it be private or shared?  We can help explain the difference between the technology and find the right solution. 


Most of our clients are not tech-savvy, nor do we expect them to be. That's why we can act as your cloud technology department.   Do what you do best and hire DNS

Server Support
Cloud & Hosted
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