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Award Winning DNS Tech Solutions provides small businesses with IT Consulting and Network Service at a small business price.  We employ a team of skilled engineers, trained to focus on the customer needs.  The business leadership emphasizes to the employees weekly that their main business is Customer Service as much as computer services.  Most small businesses simply cannot afford to employ a full time Information Technology specialist (aka “I.T.”) to deal with the day to day problems inherent that most small businesses face; this is where DNS can help. 


DNS was established in 1999 in Dallas Texas. With a target audience of small businesses, we have found a true niche solving one of the largest problems that these businesses have ever encountered: balancing cost and ever-changing technology needs. Our business goal is simple: to provide routine yet cost-effective outsourced IT services and excellent project-based support to small businesses in the DFW and the surrounding markets. DNS allows small businesses to obtain enterprise-level service at a small business price.  Some of these services include installing and maintaining network services including firewalls, routers, switches, servers, printers, e-mail systems, virus protection, and desktop hardware and software along with cloud services. We also offer complete network integration and upgrades as well as assistance to clients with Voice over IP (VOIP) phone systems, voice and data cabling and project management of any kind.  DNS truly offer all of the services that one would expect to find in a large enterprise-level business.


We offer a “tiered” contract system allowing the customer to choose the approximate level of support that they will receive per week or month.  Higher tiers obviously demand higher premiums.  The team of specialists will dedicate their time to any task that the client requests as long as it can be accomplished during the allotted time. We will customize a quote based on the type of service a business need.  If the client needs more time than they purchase it is billed separate as an additional charge.


If a client has a specific project, we often provide a “turn-key” price for that project.  In other words, customers are given a price to fully complete whatever task is needed.  This project time is billed in addition to the monthly contract time.  Since small businesses recognize that they are truly getting enterprise-class support at a “part-time” cost, they are normally ecstatic to have the service offered.  They provide their clients with outsourced IT services for a fraction of the price of a full-time employee.


One of our secrets to maintaining a high customer approval while keeping cost low is the standardization of the products we use.  By using the same products from client to client, the problems the technicians face become routine which allows the technician to focus their attention to the customer rather than the technology.  This approach allows our technicians to become true specialists and subject matter experts (SME) and allows them to “go the extra mile” for the customer as well as solving their IT needs.

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